Saturday, September 27, 2003

"We're a record label. But we're not evil." 

A new record company claims ot not be evil! They allow try before you buy MP3 music.
Check them out here: Magnatune: try before you buy MP3 music.

Wanna Score Big With That Special Lady? 

Get a Tiffany, Elsa Peretti Sterling Silver Heart Pendant $45.96 shipped @
This is a very nice piece, and Peretti is one of Tiffany's top designers.
Get the details at FatWallet Forums - Tiffany Elsa Peretti Sterling Silver Heart Pendant $45.96 shipped @

So You Wanna Be A Police Sniper? 

Here's a fun little game! Police Sniper

Skip the Wedding, yet still get married? 

A couple got married, but wasn't there for the cermony. It's called a double proxy marriage.
And if you thought the marriage was interesting, just wait for the honeymoon
Read about it HERE.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Any Key 

This is kind of old, but it was funny to see another story on it. And it has a link to the old version of the FAQ. The Register

Gotcha Covered b5.2a Released! 

A NEW Version of Gotcha Covered has been released. Version b5.2a includes support for Amazon.UK, also alphabetically sorted bacth results, and a few other fixes and additions. Download the new version HERE!

You currently can get Gotcha Covered at a special price of $4. To do so you must make your purchase through THIS LINK!!!
The $4 offer is only good through the end of Sept!!!

All I want for Christmas, is a West Texas Town... 

What to get for the person who has everything? WEST TEXAS TOWN FOR SALE

When Will This Reach the USA? 

Oh those crazy Brits! Yahoo! News

Wanna see Uranus? (insert cheap joke here) 

Uranus is currently visable in the night sky, with the naked eye.
Check it out here! - Singer Robert Palmer dies at 54 

This is just sad. One more down. Palmer was such a suave man too. - Singer Robert Palmer dies at 54

Free internet hosting for 3 years! 

Free web hosting for 3 years! has a promo going currently that looks pretty good.
500 MB web space
5,000 MB/month traffic ($0.99 per GB for additional traffic)
5 FTP Accounts
50 POP3 e-mail accounts (50 MB each)
and more...
Check it out HERE!!!
***I signed up for it, and it seems legit! Woo Woo!!!

*You must have a phone number they can call you at. They call you, and give you your Pin number to access your account.

If you want info on it, and people's experiences, check out and


This amused me for some reason. PICTURE

Thursday, September 25, 2003

A Great Tee!!! 

Someone buy me one! This rocks! See it Here!!!

Free T-Shirt! 

Get a Free T-Shirt, and the best part is, it has Sheep on it! Click Here Now!

Free website services 

I found this fairly cool website today, that offers a lot of free services (guestbook, links page, photo page, polls,) which are great for blogs like this.
They also have an affiliate program. So if you are interested in signing up, do it through the banner below! Please! :-)

New Features Added! 

See the righthand column, below the links, for the new Guestbook, Guest Map, Poll, Link and Photo pages!
Yes they are cheesy! and yes, I had to use a free service for me!
Behold the Power of Cheese!

New CZDC++ Out! .262[B] 

A new version of the GREAT DC client CZDC++ is out! Version .262[B]. Get it HERE at

Maxtor 30GB 7200RPM $30 

Get a Maxtor 30GB 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive $29.94 after $30 rebate at Free shipping too! Staples

Office Depot - Maxtor 120GB for $59 

Get a Maxtor 120GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache hard drive $109.84 - $20 coupon - $30 rebate = $59.84. Item 678808 Free shipping.
Use coupon code: 79253059
The $30 rebate Exp 9/27/03
Office Depot - Coupon Purchase

The War Against Silence 

This is a neat little music review site. Basically it is one guy with a love for music, who buys and reviews several CDs weekly. He does a very professional job, and his writing style is pretty unique and good. Check it out!The War Against Silence

I'm Currently beta testing the new Gotcha Covered! 

I am currently beta testing the new Gotcha Covered. Some of the changes include bug fixes, and support for Amazon UK!
It is suppose to be out at week's end, according to Ron, the developer of GC.
See all the info HERE!

If you want in on the $4 special buy of GC, make your purchase through THIS LINK!!!
The $4 offer is only good through the end of Sept.

Everyone has Gonads & Strife! Weeeeeeeee! 

An oldie, but goodie! Weeeeeeeee! (Gonads & Strife) by Three Brain.
You can see thier website and buy the CD at

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


If you need remote access to your computer, or if you have two computers in different rooms in your house/office, this is a great tool!
Version v1.0.0 Release Candidate 11b came out a couple days ago.
See all about it HERE!!!

New Music! 

I picked up 6 CDs for $6 total today!!!

Catatonia - Equally Cursed and Blessed
Francis Dunnery - Fearless
September 67 - Busy Building (UK Single)
Superchic[k] - Karaoke Superstars
The Men - The Men
The Story - So Much Mine (single)
Erin Bode Group - Requests **local singer, saw her perform, and she is great. Kinda Norah Jones/Diana Krall-ish.

The RIAA Sues a Wrong Person 

The Riaa sued a wrong person in their recent wave of lawsuits.
I wonder if she can counter sue?
Read it HERE!


I hadn't mentioned this before. But this is a great program for fixing mp3 tags. Does Ogg too.
The other great feature is it can get album titles, covers, and reviews from and auto import them! A Very nice feature!
Check it out here! Tag&Rename

How the women cope when I'm away. 


Rufus Wainwright - Want One 

Someone buy me this! Or donate, so I can buy it! :-)
Buy Me for Southpaw!!

Rock&Roll 101 

This is a funny little short that a buddy helped with, called Rock&Roll 101. From Motor City Improv.

Also, they are trying to win a contest with this, so vote for it HERE!!!! Please!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

New Music! 

Lach's Antihoot- Live From The Fort At Sidewalk Cafe (Various Artists)
Heidi Berry - Heidi Berry
Circuit City's Smooth End To Summer

RIAA Radar 

The name kinda sounds like a joke, but it isn't. This is a tool to let you find out if an album released by a group or artist, is a member of the RIAA. RIAA Radar: Home
Remember, the RIAA can't come after you if you aren't sharing RIAA member's music. This is good to remember if you are still using P2P services like Kazaa, IMesh, SoulSeek, and others.

If the cover of computer books had Harlequin romance covers. 

If the cover of computer books had Harlequin romance covers. At

U.S. Government To Discontinue Long-Term, Low-Yield Investment In Nation's Youth 

Read all about it, and so much more, on The Onion!!!

I made The Samples Website! 

I went and saw The Samples in concert a couple weeks ago, and my picture made it on their website! Actually, 2 pictures!
Picture 1
Picture 2

By the way, if you don't know The Samples, check them out!!! The Samples

Foobar2000 Formatting 

Here is a good site to help make foobar look all pretty like.
I personally suggest Hybrid's formatting. It's ranked #1, and it also has a very good sorting feature (which I know some people have problems with, like me.)
Foobar2000 Formatting

New K-Lite Codec Pack, and QuickTime Alternative! 

On the Kazaa Lite website they have release K-Lite Codec Pack 2.05, and QuickTime Alternative 1.13 (now with a plugin for Opera/Mozilla/Netscape)
Kazaa Lite - Official Website

EvilLyrics - Foobar and Winamp lyrics search 

This is a great Lyrics grabbing program. It works with FooBar, Winamp, QCD Player, Windows Media Player 9, and Sonique.
I am truely impressed with this program. It's not 100%, but it is better than expected, and still being developed. Give it a shot! EvilLyrics

Used Car shopping? 

Here is a great deal on a low mileage, used car! Click Here! 

This just looks like a fun link to poke around on.

Happy FUN BALL! 

How can you not love Happy Fun Ball?!?!

Monday, September 22, 2003

Just an FYI 

[23:29:25] Tec9SD - Southpaw is Bionic Testicle Man.

New Music 

Nada Surf - Let Go
Thorns - The Thorns

Badger Apparel!!! 

For the love of all things holy! Someone buy me one of these!!!
Baseball Shirt
Bumper Sticker

Gotcha Covered Changes, and Discount!!!! 

Many new changes coming in Gotcha Covered by week's end, according to Ron, the developer of GC.
See all the info HERE!

Also, if you want in on the $4 special buy of GC, make your purchase through THIS LINK!!!
The $4 offer is only good through the end of Sept.

foobar2000 0.7 Official Release! 

Foobar 0.7 has made it out of the RC phase. I bet you never thought that would happen?!? Get it HERE!!!

Parle vous Badgers? 

Did someone say Badgers???

This is a Test... 

This is my first post to my blog. This is a test. This is only a test.
If there were a real post, you would be instructed to visit some website, where you would be amused, bewildered, or informed.
This is only a test.
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