Friday, October 31, 2003

New study shows that fellatio may reduce the risk of breast cancer 

Just when you thought all health studies were bad! Check it out HERE!!!
(Thanks mandos)


Have a good and safe one!

Carve a Virtual Pumpkin! 

Carve your virtual Pumpkin Here: Pumpkin Simulator 2003

The Worlds GREATEST Mouse!! $10!!! 

I LOVE This mouse! It has the ability to setup custom functions on all the buttons, and also functions for when you hit 2 buttons at once. It's like having 7 buttons and a scroll wheel. And all for only $10!!! I normally see this mouse for $30-50. I highly recommend you pick up 1 or 3. Kensington Optical Elite Mouse


Some say, "Pie ain't ever free!" Well here is the exception! Free Pie from Marie Callender for filling out a Survey

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Switch Celphone Service and Keep Your Number 

This isn't really new news, but a reminder. Soon you will be able to switch to any C-phone provider you want and keep your phone number.
Recently I have been offered some nice deals from my current provider to keep me under contract. I advise people to hold off, as the deals will probably get sweeter when you will be able to switch! Read a little blip on it HERE!

CompUSA 200GB 8MB-cache hard drive $130 after rebate 

Get a Maxtor L01P200 200GB 8MB-cache 7200rpm hard drive for $160, and a $30 mail-in rebate is available. Shipping is only a penny.

Monday, October 27, 2003

CZDC++ .300A is Out! 

A new version of CZDC++ is out today! Download version .300A HERE!!!

Foobar version 0.7.2 beta 8 is out! 

Foobar version 0.7.2 beta 8 is out! Get it HERE!!!
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