Friday, December 05, 2003

Files2U - Easy way to send large files to people 

This looks like a neat little service, and it's FREE!! Files2U - Easy way to send large files to people

Mess Contest 

Think you have the messiest computer area? Prove it!!! is having a contest for the messiest computer area! See if you have what it take! contest

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Game: Petals Around The Rose 

This is a very interesting and challenging game. See if you can figure it out! Petals Around The Rose
Also check out the story about when Bill Gates was introduced to this game in 1977. The Bill Gates story.
(Thanks ninti) Customers' Advice 

Check out the "Top customer recommendations" half-way down the page, to see what people recommend to go with Michael Jackson's CD "Number Ones." Enjoy! :-) "Top customer recommendations"

EvilLyrics Build 6 Now Available! 

The new EvilLyrics is officially out! Adds several new features and functions, making this GREAT program, even better! Check it out HERE!!!

Google Search: "Pie ain't ever free!" 

I'm easily amused!! Google Search: "Pie ain't ever free!"

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

250GB Hard Drive $149AR 

Circuit City has a 250gig Western Digital hard drive, with IDE card for $149 after rebates! 

Learn how to say all the newest and coolest slang terms! Now You can be 1337!!!

Send Them Back!! 

Get that good, clean, wholesome feeling! Send back all those MP3s you have stolen! Send Them Back!!

The 12 STIs (STDs for Non-UK folks) Of Christmas 

Kind of gross, but kind of amusing, and with a good message. The 12 STIs Of Christmas

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The Lettuce Preservation Society 

The Lettuce Preservation Society

New EvilLyrics, kind of.... 

A new version of EvilLyrics (the GREAT lyrics finding program that works with Winamp, foobar, WMP, and NOW MusicMatch, and others) is on the horizon. It's in the final stages of Beta testing.
You can download the latest Beta version HERE!!!
Some of the new features include:
- karaoke function
- AMG search
- get whole album
- album cover search
- Songfacts search
- lyrics submission
- MusicMatch support
and more!

New CZDC .304E 

.304E fixes the bugs that made .304D almost unusable!!! Get it here!


This site is full of super, happy, fun!

Monday, December 01, 2003

Awful Plastic 

This site makes fun of some people who usually deserve it. Enjoy! Awful Plastic

Gotcha Covered 5.3a 

A new version of GotchaCovered has been release. This version updates the Wal-Mart cover search, as well as adds Amazon Germany and Japan to the search list. Check it out HERE!!!

$180 Archos 20 GB MP3 Jukebox Recorder Special Edition 

Get the Archos 20 GB MP3 Jukebox Recorder Special Edition for $180 after rebate at

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